The war against the gangs has resulted in more than 64,500 terrorists being detained so far in El Salvador.

The frontal combat against the gangs initiated in March 2022 by the government of President Nayib Bukele totals the capture of 64,512 gang members from the different criminal structures and the confiscation of $1.7 million from extortion and drug sales.

The data was provided by Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro, who added that within the framework of the emergency regime they have also seized around 2,398 weapons of different calibers, 3,012 vehicles, and 15,420 cell phones.

The official explained that the gang phenomenon was born with a deportee who came from the United States and created these structures in the country, which is why El Salvador was considered a sanctuary country for gangs in the days of ARENA and the FMLN, but clarified that that changed because now the terrorists are detained and captured at the airport.

A matter of justice
Villatoro indicated that they have observed that the population has a greater thirst for justice in all areas of life, which is why they receive daily information provided by the population, in addition to street patrols, digital patrols, and are responding to them, understanding that this is the way in which the public is communicating.

Regarding the fight on the Tuscania field, in which Diego Oviedo beat a victim, he said that they will not tolerate these intolerant acts, “they are young people who have an education, we will not tolerate any type of violent, savage behavior that threatens the integrity of another Salvadoran; this is not going to be allowed ».

Villatoro emphasized that they will have no mercy in prosecuting any criminal who threatens vulnerable groups because the state force will bring them to justice.