The government of El Salvador brings together 50 organizations to support entrepreneurs.

The Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, affirmed that contrary to what was done by previous governments, the Bukele administration is committed to strengthening entrepreneurs and micro and small companies in the country.

«In the past, space and work were not dedicated to entrepreneurs such as the tourism sector, crafts and technology innovators. Countries like the United States and Israel have been able to get ahead and have a solid innovation ecosystem that has allowed them to generate unicorns (companies that manage to grow to such an extent that they sell globally),” said the official.

In this sense, she explained, the government has formalized alliances with more than 50 organizations from the academic, business, and multinational sectors focused on providing technological tools, training, and financial support to entrepreneurs.

«The treatment that we give to each of our innovators is the same that we give to a multinational company. We believe that there is enormous potential, From the Ministry of Economy, we have had the opportunity to make alliances with more than 50 organizations, be they academia, institutions such as the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (Conamype), the National Registration Center (CNR), Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft”, added Hayem.

The official indicated that this effort is carried out with the vision of supporting and providing tools that innovative entrepreneurs need “to succeed.”

«We are seeing companies that are already succeeding locally and internationally, we have to think globally. The services, for example, have a high potential that can bring development to our country”, she affirmed.

The head of Economy also recognized Conamype’s effort to promote micro and small businesses with support and technical assistance. «In order to get ahead, companies need a broad scheme of actions. In this work, Conamype is advancing », she concluded.