El Salvador will invest $14.3 million to promote coffee growing in 2023.

The Salvadoran coffee park will be strengthened during 2023 with a significant investment focused on increasing production and promoting the product inside and outside the country, said the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Óscar Domínguez.

The official explained that over the course of the year, $14.3 million will be invested, which comes from government funds and support from multilaterals, and will be allocated to various projects.

One of the initiatives contemplated is the delivery of certified coffee plants with a minimum of 80% varietal genetic conformity for the renovation and diversification of 5,400 cultivated manzanas.

“Coffee growers are going to receive certified plants. In all the nurseries, the inspectors are carrying out this work because it is something that the coffee grower has always asked for: that they be certified varieties,” said Domínguez.

With this action, around 6,800 producers from the six coffee-growing ranges of the territory will benefit.

Likewise, he indicated that the delivery of the inputs will be done in a timely manner and that the package prepared is much more complete.

“Inputs will be delivered on May 1 and the coffee plants will be delivered on June 1 […] In addition to the plants, systemic fungicides will be delivered to combat rust, foliar fertilizers to improve productivity and production; fruit, timber, and shade plants to diversify coffee agroforestry systems,” he said.

At the same time, the vice minister informed that, through a digital platform that will be launched soon, each producer will be able to indicate how many plants he needs and of what variety. “In this way, we are serving each coffee grower in a personalized way,” he explained.

“With what will be carried out this year, we have already slightly exceeded half of the renovation goal of 50,000 coffee blocks in the administration of President Bukele,” he said.

Other projects within the plan include the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the research laboratory of the Salvadoran Coffee Institute (ISC), with the aim of promoting the creation and modification of new varieties.

coffee promotion

The government of President Nayib Bukele also seeks to promote the Café de El Salvador brand. To this end, MAG has developed a campaign to encourage domestic consumption and position the product internationally.

«We already have the best coffee in the world, but marketing is needed to further position our product, under the focus of quality and exclusivity. We want that when someone drinks coffee from the country, they know that it is a first-class coffee. With this strategy, we are going to make the Salvadoran a true coffee ambassador”, he explained.