Lonely Planet has named El Salvador one of the “Best in Travel 2023.”

The Australia-based publisher of travel guides, and one of the world’s largest, has released “Best in Travel 2023,” a list of the most anticipated destinations to visit.El Salvador was included in the “Learn” category of the list.

Lonely Planet was the first popular series of travel books aimed at backpackers and low-budget travelers. By 2008, they had published over 500 titles in eight languages, with annual sales of more than six million travel guides, as well as television shows and websites.

Lonely Planet has around 200 experts who carefully predict the most desired places to travel and have experiences around the world. The team takes the list of suggested countries and discusses what’s inspiring about these places, current affairs, and must-sees.

Their panel of acclaimed travel experts then scrutinizes the shortlist. This year’s panel included: Roi Ariel, General Manager of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council; Nitya Chambers, senior vice president, content, and executive editor; Tharik Hussain, an expert in Muslim culture and heritage; Melanie Lieberman, senior editor at The Points Guy; and Cory Woodward, an accessible travel advocate and blogger.

Lonely Planet describes El Salvador as a travel powerhouse in a tiny package. They mainly highlight the country’s ability to break out of the classic Central American tourism, to a multifaceted country with a taste for adventure.

They point out that El Salvador offers world-class surfing on secluded black-sand beaches, coffee plantations on the sides of volcanoes, beautiful flower-filled villages with Morales-decorated buildings, and sublime national parks.

The webpage has created a specific article divided into four sections, which are:
1. Must see experiences
2. Featured and latest stories
3. Planning a trip
4. Books and guides