Social media has become a tool for Salvadoran citizens to report crimes and for the police to bring them to justice

The proper and responsible use of social networks has allowed the National Civil Police (PNC) to respond in a timely manner to resolve cases of robberies, thefts, beatings, run-overs, and other criminal acts reported by the population. In addition, there have been cases of intolerance or arrogance that have had as protagonists, primarily, drivers of public passenger transportation.

This year, the police have had to intervene effectively to find the whereabouts of criminals and ordinary citizens who were filmed by security cameras or by other citizens when they committed crimes.

One of the most recent cases reported on social networks was that of a young woman who abandoned a newborn in front of a medical center, in the San Jacinto neighborhood, south of San Salvador. The authorities intervened to determine responsibilities for the woman.In another case, classified as intolerance, the former deputy and current FMLN adviser, Misael Mejía, who was arguing with another driver and was filmed by security cameras on November 6, was arrested. The former deputy tried to run over the other person.

«In an act of intolerance, this subject collided with another vehicle, caused an argument, and tried to run over a person. Today he himself was identified and captured. This is Misael Mejía, former deputy and current adviser to the FMLN,” said the Minister of Justice and Security, Gustavo Villatoro.

On November 1, three men beat a young man in San Salvador’s Zona Rosa and were arrested by the PNC. A woman was also arrested for this act. The images went viral on social networks and showed the unconscious victim after being punched and kicked in the head.

The suspects were identified by the authorities as Kelvin Alexander Melgar, alias Danger, leader of the 18 gang; David Ernesto Avilés Guevara, Jónathan Wilfredo Bermúdez and Stephanie Marjorie Amaya Rosales. All were arrested for attempted murder and being members of illegal gangs. In this case, the prosecutor’s investigation indicates that there are drug dealers in the area.

For her part, the director of the PNC, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, reacted to these events and warned: “Anyone who is caught committing acts of violence will be persecuted until they are brought to justice.”

In another case, authorities charged Jaime Alberto Zamora Ponce, a bus driver on route 41-A in Soyapango, with arrogant and irresponsible behavior, claiming he endangered the passengers’ lives by driving the unit in the opposite direction in November. Zamora Ponce was arrested, and the transport unit was taken to the Changallo property in Ilopango.

On October 21, the authorities intervened with Édgar Enrique Zometa, 49, a taxi driver who was filmed by surveillance cameras when he stole a gas cylinder from a food store in the Las Anturias residential area of San Salvador. After the video was published on social networks, the police managed to locate the taxi driver and arrest him.

In Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán, on October 24, the PNC captured Gregario Rivera Núñez, accused of stealing cell phones from public transport users. After consulting police records, it was discovered that the suspect was collaborating with the MS to collect the extortion.