Salvadorans abroad seek to invest $70 million in their country

The presidential commissioner for strategic projects, Cristian Flores, recently met on Long Island, New York, United States, with around 60 Salvadoran businessmen who seek to invest around $70 million in initiatives in the country.

“These businessmen have announced that they will allocate their capital to investments focused on service projects, construction, logistics infrastructure, and other complementary sectors to the strategic projects of the Presidency,” said Flores.

According to the official, the projects in which the diaspora has shown the most interest are: the Pacific Airport, the Port Network, Surf City Circuits 1 and 2, as well as the Pacific Train.

The meeting held these days continued the meeting that Flores had in September with representatives of the Cinversal Group consortium, made up mostly of Salvadoran businessmen abroad (Salex), who announced an investment of around $20 million in the eastern zone.

“The eastern part of the country, where most of our brothers abroad emigrated from, has great potential, which is why today the Cinversal Group consortium will invest $20 million in maritime connectivity projects,” the official explained.

On the other hand, Commissioner Flores reported that representatives of KBG Commercial Inc., a transport and logistics company that plans to open a branch of its services and a call center in El Salvador, arrived in the country yesterday. This investment will create more jobs in the territory.

“It is gratifying that Salvadorans are returning to make investments thanks to the confidence that the country generates. This opens opportunities for new jobs », he said.