Carretera Chinamas

El Salvador has renovated the street that leads to the Las Chinamas border and connects with Guatemala

The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez Herrera, delivered 26.6 kilometers of renovated highway between Ahuachapán and the Las Chinamas border on Wednesday, November 23.

“Today is an important day for us (due to the delivery of the renovation of the highway),” said the head of Public Works, who stressed that “we are carrying out road reconstruction for several kilometers, so that the highways of our country are in decent condition.”

It is worth noting that the MOP has completed a variety of projects.These are road projects being carried out across the country to improve mobility, commerce, and tourism, as well as the development of municipalities across the country, said Romeo Rodrguez Herrera.

The Minister of Public Works stressed that the renovated highway between Ahuachapán and the Las Chinamas border is a strategic route “where tourism and commerce that comes and goes from our neighboring country of Guatemala pass.”

“A road reconstruction of 26.6 kilometers of highway between Ahuachapán and Las Chinamas was carried out, with an investment of $12.16 million, in order to improve the traffic of commerce and tourism,” he detailed.

As explained by Romeo Rodríguez Herrera, the average daily traffic on said highway is 27,110 vehicles, within which there is a strong movement of cargo transportation. “Between the Ahuachapán bypass and Las Chinamas, a road reconstruction was carried out to benefit thousands of people,” he said.