New companies in the areas of information technology, bitcoin, tourism, and manufacturing will start operations in El Salvador

After a meeting with six businessmen of American origin, the presidential commissioner for Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, reported that four have already started processes in the Ministry of Finance to establish operations in a period of one year in the country.

According to the official, the creation of an estimated 4,000 jobs is projected in different locations in the country.

«There are four entrepreneurs who have started their procedures at the Ministry of Finance. Some of them already have their documents to start their operations. What we have done as an articulated government is to be diligent and facilitate the processes», he added.

These companies are: Nestseekers, Wiltronic Corporation-I View, Inter Vivos, PLLC, Vaquero Boots,, and Curacao USA, which belong to the information technology, bitcoin, tourism, and manufacturing sectors, all of United States origin, which plan to open operations in the country motivated by the positive investment and security climate achieved by the government.

For example, Wiltronic Corporation, for example, has established itself as one of the leaders in consumer electronics and home entertainment products with the assembly of laptops, tablets, TV boxes, and a wide range of technology accessories.

«The country is projected towards the technology industry and that creates in El Salvador a new opportunity to develop a technology park to be able to produce, assemble, and distribute laptops and computers to the United States, Mexico, and South America, which is also an industry that we want to activate because it generates many employment opportunities for our young people,» said Commissioner Flores.

In addition, he stated that there are companies interested in investing in crypto assets, real estate developments that involve the construction of smart cities that will benefit municipalities, as well as private developments with hotels and residences.

«The projection of the country that the government of President Nayib Buekele has continues to attract more people interested in various investments. This day we have had a very varied business mission », he added.

Likewise, the official stated that Con Surf City El Salvador inspires confidence because it is a successful model. «El Salvador is beginning to be one of the countries recognized and identified by the tourism industry,» Flores concluded.