The Police and Prosecutor’s Office dismantled a drug trafficking structure that moved cocaine from Nicaragua to El Salvador

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR), together with the National Civil Police (PNC), dismantled yesterday at dawn a drug trafficking structure that was dedicated to moving shipments of cocaine from Nicaragua to El Salvador.

According to the investigations, the drug was also taken to other countries in the region for sale. The criminal structure is made up of 73 people, of whom 48 were arrested during yesterday’s operation.

Among the suspected drug traffickers are: Napoleón Andrés Cáceres Flores, Oscar Walder Vásquez Velásquez, Cristino Alberto Salamanca Torres, Kelvin Francisco Jonathan Chicas, Jonathan Lemus, Carlos Enrquez Ascencio, Florentn Alberto Rodrguez, Ana Gabriela Menjvar, and Jonathan Lemus

The tax sources detailed that the arrests were made in the municipalities of La Unión, Conchagua, and San Miguel. It was also reported that the subjects were mostly engaged in artisanal fishing, so, taking advantage of their mobility along the Salvadoran coast, they transported hidden drugs from Nicaragua, which they distributed in the local market.

The prosecutor in the case explained that “they marketed the drug, distributed it, sold and bought it, made portions of it and sold it throughout the department; however, that the investigation is from La Unión, but the sequence of the investigation ended up in the city of San Miguel”. 

The Prosecutor’s Office also announced that there were two captures that were made just when two kilos of cocaine were being marketed. One of these interventions was reported on the Military Route-street towards Morazán and La Unión-and the second was recorded in San Miguel.

During the operations, the authorities seized cash, cell phones, and computers, the information of which will make it possible to find the whereabouts of other criminals and learn more about the way this drug trafficking structure operates.