The cruise season has been inaugurated in El Salvador

The Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, and the president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), Federico Anliker, yesterday inaugurated the 2022–2023 cruise season. The authorities informed us that between October of this year and May of next, the country will receive 15 international vessels, which will arrive at the port of Acajutla and whose crew will promote tourism in the country by learning about the culture and enjoying the gastronomy.

The launch of the season took place within the framework of the arrival of the Scenic Eclipse cruise ship, which docked yesterday morning at the port of Acajutla, in Sonsonate. This is a luxury ship that arrives in the country for the first time.

This is the result of the attraction strategies in tourism, led by the heads of CEPA, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and Corsatur.

The six-star cruise is considered a high standard in terms of attractiveness, technology, and size, in which 250 foreigners travel, including passengers and crew, mostly from the United States and Canada, tourists with high purchasing power, who enjoy the country’s culture and identity by visiting Joya de Cerén and San Andrés, in San Julián, Sonsonate, and Acajutla, among other attractions.

The captain of the Scenic Eclipse cruise ship, Erwan Le Rouzic, expressed his pleasure at the visit they made to the country. “It is an honor for us. It’s the first time and it’s very special.”

He added that they hope to return in the near future. Minister Valdez said that with the leadership of President Nayib Bukele, El Salvador has been positioned as a true tourist destination and cruise passengers have been able to get to know the country, thus promoting economic development.

“We have become the safest country and also a good destination to visit, and we are showing this today (last Saturday) by receiving for the first time a cruise like never before to our port of Acajutla,” said the official.

The cruise, which among its attractions has two helicopters, departed on September 28 from San Diego, California, on a trip of nine arrivals, of which El Salvador is the sixth stop. The vessel remained in the port of Acajutla for eight hours and then set sail for Nicaragua and Costa Rica to continue its route.