8,000 Salvadorans have been trained in cryptocurrencies by Mi Primer Bitcoin

One year after the Bitcoin Law came into force, «My First Bitcóin», a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that brings knowledge of the crypto environment to Salvadorans, has grown in structure and in the development of initiatives.

To date, the NGO has taught over 8,000 Salvadorans about bitcoin, both virtually and in person, at locations such as La Casa del Bitcóin. In addition, as of April 23, an even more ambitious and visionary project has been launched: a diploma in financial education, with a focus on cryptocurrencies, for students from national schools.

John Dennehy, an American founder of the organization, explained that three classes of students have graduated in two municipalities: San Marcos, in San Salvador, and Ataco, in Ahuachapán. The number of beneficiaries alone with this project already adds up to 144.

The 10-week course is divided into three sections: an introduction to financial concepts, which describes the current monetary system; what money is; how it works; how it affects inflation; and what the impact of cryptocurrencies is. Then, Bitcoin is then addressed specifically, with blockchain, mining, wallets, and Lightning all discussed.

«We are improving in the education sector in this first year of the Bitcoin Law, and in the second year we are only going to do better. With Mi Primer Bitcoin, this first year we had 8,000 students. In the next year, we expect to quadruple that number,» Dennehy said.

On the other hand, the leader of the organization highlighted that they have about fifteen facilitators, people who have been interested in digital assets for years and have started training on the matter on their own and now donate their time.

«There is a lot of demand for education, and it is very important for the bitcoin project to be successful. The business sector, the education sector, and the government are working as a team », he said.

The vision is to replicate his initiatives throughout the country. For the diploma, work is being done on the validation of the contents with the Ministry of Education (Mined) to take it to all public schools in the territory; on the other hand, at a general level, they hope to develop their projects in all the departments of the country, since now they only cover 10.

«For me it was like a dream, I could hardly believe at the beginning that a country could accept bitcoin and now we are already a year away from that decision. There is still a lot to do, a lot of work, but we have already started », he concluded.