A survey reveals that 88.3% would vote to re-elect Nayib Bukele

According to the results of a survey by the Research Center for Social and Economic Studies of Central America (Ciesca), a few days after it was officially known that the president would compete for re-election in 2024, 88.3% of Salvadorans would vote for Nayib Bukele to be re-elected president. Ciesca’s question on Twitter was, “Would you vote for the presidential re-election of President Nayib Bukele?” and nine out of 10 answered yes.

The results are in line with those of other surveys. According to several analysts, the results are due to the work of the current government administration, with profound and significant changes in the country, which have contributed to improving the quality of life in the areas of security, health, and education. It also highlights the good management of the effects of the global crisis.

The research center survey was carried out with a population sample of 25,000 people on the social network Twitter.

After the official announcement on September 15, that he will compete in 2024 as a presidential candidate, Bukele assured that the decision is backed by the sovereignty that El Salvador has obtained. In addition, he pointed out that thanks to all these changes, the country is achieving its independence after two centuries in which it was sold by the traditional political parties that governed for decades and did not leave a legacy for future generations.

On the contrary, a crime wave grew that did not allow a favorable development.

The president reiterated that no country can question the decisions made in El Salvador.

The official announcement is also approved by the majority of Salvadorans abroad. Even yesterday, a group of compatriots in Milan, Italy, celebrated Bukele’s decision in the message that was broadcast on the national network.