El Salvador is working on the opening of a new border post with Honduras to speed up trade and business

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras have maintained their strategy of streamlining land trade.As part of these efforts, the Ministry of Economy announced that a new border post with Honduras will begin operations in the coming months.

“We are working so that operations will soon begin at a border post with Honduras. The Honduran team will be moving to Salvadoran territory, where they will work together to speed up the transit of goods,” said the Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem.

The official assured that the idea in the short term is that the six border points that the country shares with Guatemala and Honduras are modernized and that they have better benefits for users. One of the first actions to streamline trade took place last week with the launch of the Advance Declaration of Merchandise between El Salvador and Guatemala.

According to Hayem, this type of action will make it possible to have a more attractive region and thus generate more investment and work for the population.

“We are pleased that the three governments are aligned to advance quickly on deep integration. These are issues that were on the agenda of previous administrations, but in the case of El Salvador there was no progress, “said the official.

In eight months, the government of President Nayib Bukele has made progress that has not been made in decades, said the Minister of Economy, who added that it is a transformation that does not remain in ministerial agreements but is executed and makes the region the most attractive area to invest in and with a greater generation of jobs.

The strategy will also generate greater competitiveness since it reduces the costs and time that companies incur when going through customs.

On the other hand, Hayem called on businessmen to use the 42 free trade agreements that El Salvador has, since to the extent that this vision is broadened, they will have greater potential to produce and export.