El Salvador benefited 600,000 of its agricultural producers

The commitment to diversify and increase Salvadoran agriculture continues. The strategy provides greater support and more inputs to Salvadoran farmers to increase national production.

In this regard, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), Enrique Parada, reported that to date the country has recorded «good agricultural production.» In this sense, the rains have not significantly affected the sector.

According to the official, the latest report from the National Center for Agricultural and Forestry Technology (Centa) confirmed that the production of basic grains is reporting a satisfactory development with the good size of the grains and ears, which reflects the improvement in the production of corn for the current harvest.

«We hope that this year will be a very good season. We have already completed the delivery of agricultural corn packages, we finished in the east and we successfully delivered close to 600,000 packages. Obviously, there is a percentage that was not delivered for different reasons, for example, that the farmer did not withdraw the input, among other inconveniences,» the official explained.

Likewise, he assured that in the next few days, the undelivered product will be redistributed, which, although it represents a minimum figure, can be offered to other Salvadoran producers.

«This delivery presented significant changes. We improved access for people. We included the seed treater and foliar fertilizer to improve corn productivity. The objective of the MAG is to produce enough food on a national scale to guarantee the food security of Salvadorans,» he said.

The MAG reported that, although the delivery of corn packages has ended, it will benefit the producers of bean packages. This process began in the west of the country.

The MAG plans to supply more than 219,000 packages of beans in this process, which is 15% more than what was distributed in previous years, which was 187,000.

«In the current conditions, it is necessary to deliver the packages. What we must look for, and that is what we are doing as a government, is to improve the conditions of Salvadoran producers so that, in some way, they no longer require these incentives to make production viable in the future», he added.

The MAG stressed that it will offer the necessary benefits to Salvadoran farmers in order to increase national production and reduce food import figures.