El Salvador has logged 190 days without homicides during the administration of President Nayib Bukele

The current authorities have achieved historical figures. One of them is that from the middle of 2019 until now, El Salvador has had 190 days with 0 homicides nationwide.

The last day on which there was no homicide was yesterday, September 4. According to the authorities, in the first four days of this month, no deaths from violence were reported.

So far this year, there have been 99 days with no homicides, 92 of which have been under the emergency regime, which has been in place since March 27.

During the emergency regime, a day without homicides has been achieved in March; 14 days in April; 17 in May; 14 in June; 21 in July; and the same number in August.

From August 29 to September 4, there have been seven consecutive days with zero homicides.

The current government has made El Salvador go from one of the most violent countries in the world to one of the safest in America.

“It ends on the fourth day of September. The 4 were without homicides. A few years ago, we were literally the most insecure country in the world. We are now on our way to being the safest in America,” President Nayib Bukele said recently.

The drop in violence in the country is attributed by the authorities to the result of the security measures implemented: the Territorial Control Plan and the emergency regime.

One of the most significant results was that July and August of 2022 became the safest months in the country’s history, since each one added 21 days with 0 homicides.

In addition, 2021 is considered the safest year in the history of El Salvador when a record of 1,140 homicides was achieved, that is, 15% fewer reported crimes than in 2020, which closed with 1,341.