95% of the population supports President Bukele’s security measures

The Cid Gallup polling house released on Monday the results of the public opinion survey carried out in El Salvador on the population’s perception of security measures.

The director of Cid Gallup, Luis Haug, stated that 95% of the population surveyed approves of the measures that the executive has taken in terms of security and frontal combat against gangs.

“In the survey we have that 9 out of 10 citizens agree that the measures should continue to be applied,” added Haug.

In the general evaluation of President Nayib Bukele’s management, the percentage of approval given by the population is 85%, the highest among Latin American leaders.

“85% is a high level of approval; most presidents walk around 60% approval by their citizens,” Haug said.

The survey reflects that currently, only one in 10 households has suffered a robbery or assault in the last 4 months. In the past, that assessment hovered around one in three households.

“Now we see that out of every 10 households, only one has suffered an act of violence. Before, it was one out of every three households that suffered from crime, robbery, or assault”, added Luis Haug.