El Salvador reports a 39% decrease in traffic accident victims

The head of the Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT), Saúl Castelar, reported in the three years of the current government administration a 39% reduction in victims due to road accidents in the country, that is, deaths or injuries in traffic accidents. This data is obtained by comparing the total number of injured and fatalities due to accidents from 2019 to 2021 and relating it to the total number of vehicles for both years.

«The percentage variation of the total number of injured and deceased against the total number of vehicles in circulation, compared to 2019, is a reduction of -38.9%. These are promising figures that tell us that we are on the right track», explained Castelar.

According to the official, approximately 100 controls are carried out daily with the help of the National Civil Police. He indicated that some are oriented to controlling speed, documentation in order and mechanical conditions, which has allowed good results.

Castelar reiterated that one of the main causes of road accidents in the country continues to be distracted driving. «The consumption of intoxicating beverages continues to be a factor that greatly affects the statistics, which is generating many problems when driving, and the issue of speeding would incorporate it as a factor to control,» he added.

Finally, he highlighted the one that continues to establish 30 zones nationwide for drivers to reduce speed and thus prevent accidents that can cause serious injuries. «30 kilometers per hour is the speed below which, if you hit a pedestrian or bicyclist, the consequences are not going to be terminal,» he said.