Prosecutors from El Salvador and Colombia signed a cooperation agreement to fight organized crime

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) of El Salvador and its counterpart institution in Colombia signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday to combat organized crime transnationally.

This agreement calls for both countries to work together to combat crimes such as organized crime, drug trafficking, and migrant and human trafficking, which have afflicted both countries in recent decades.

Similarly, this agreement covers joint efforts to counteract the practice of crimes related to money and asset laundering and cybercrime, thus expanding the fight against criminal activity in both nations.

The agreement will allow both prosecution offices to support and strengthen each other, in order to improve the quality of investigations and contribute the experience of both institutions to building a better fight against crime and guaranteeing the safety of both populations.

“This bilateral agreement includes strategic actions such as the promotion of investigations against transnational organized crime as well as joint actions in terms of recovering assets from criminal activities and criminal organizations,” the Colombian prosecutor’s office highlighted on its social networks.

“Both Prosecutors’ Offices will strengthen international legal cooperation and assistance to obtain probative material and evidence in order to promote investigations in the corresponding jurisdictions and bring justice to the victims of these structures,” remarked the prosecutorial institution in El Salvador.