Schools in El Salvador receive more than 100 desks made by inmates from penal centers

The Ministry of Education (Mined) received around 100 desks that prisoners from the Directorate of Penal Centers made. This furniture was created in the metalworking and carpentry workshops of the penitentiary system, and will be destined for children and young people from the country’s public schools.

With this donation, the José Rubén Rivera School Center in Santa Ana is one of the beneficiary institutions. The desks make up one of the main creations of social benefit that were developed as part of the Zero Leisure Plan. Those deprived of liberty are also in charge of restoring and producing inputs that serve the learning process in schools.

“In the government of President Nayib Bukele there is order, control and discipline inside the prisons, which allows the work of those deprived of liberty in the process of rehabilitation not to stop,” published Osiris Luna, general director of Penal Centers .

With these activities, the Zero Leisure Plan contributes significant savings to the state since it was created so that 100% of the prisoners who are in the different prisons nationwide do useful work for the communities.