Sunset Park will open in the next few days

Salvadorans are a few days away from being able to enjoy the amusement park Sunset Park, located in the port of La Libertad.

The new tourist destination is waiting to receive thousands of Salvadorans and international tourists who come to visit the area and enjoy all the projects that the government of President Nayib Bukele is carrying out.

In this sense, the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, and the president of the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism (ISTU), Eny Aguiñada, reported that they are just a few days away from enjoying Surf City in a different way, and what better way than in the amusement park.

The Ministry of Tourism called on Salvadorans to follow ISTU’s social networks to find out the opening date of Sunset Park.

However, it is expected that by this weekend, the new amusement park will be open to the public.

The Amusement Park is a first-class space that will have five mechanical games: the Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Carousel, Frog Jump, and Boat, which have been donated by the cooperation of the People’s Republic of China. The investment in this ambitious project amounts to $4 million for the improvement work of the place, informed the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).

He also explained that the Gastronomic Plaza will have 12 spaces for restaurants, which have a history of serving the Salvadoran people. The projects are part of the development of the La Libertad port.