Fishermen have increased production in Usulutan by 40%

A group of artisanal fishermen from the Puerto Parada canton, in Usulután, have increased their income and fishing production thanks to the Rural Adelante program developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

During the visit to the area by the Minister of Agriculture, Enrique Parada, the fishermen of the El Arrecife Fishery Production Cooperative Association stated that thanks to the MAG program, fishing has increased by up to 40%.

«We are grateful to the Rural Adelante program, since it is a support to our sector because it has benefited us to acquire equipment, motors, coolers and tools with which we have improved fishing and we are making progress,» said José Salomón Claros, legal representative of the Asociation.

The cooperative is dedicated to the fishing of redmouth, snapper, mojarra, ruco, and horse mackerel, and 25 families depend directly on its production.

The fishermen were grateful for the support of the government institution with which they have increased fishing and, therefore, marketing and income for their households.

Through the Rural Adelante program, the MAG created the necessary conditions for its operation with an injection of $28,104, which served to facilitate productivity and raise the profit of the cooperative to more than $17,000 per month.

However, the MAG authorities assured us that these results were also obtained because the association changed the way of working with an associative-type business vision for fishing and marketing.