Cars confiscated from gangs are used in the fight against crime

Strengthening the security forces with tools to combat crime is one of the missions that the current government has had. To this end, year after year, it has been equipping the staff with new and improved equipment.

In addition, one of the modalities that the current administration has adopted is that the vehicles that are seized from gangs and criminal structures are handed over to the National Civil Police (PNC).

The most recent transfer was made last May. The Security Cabinet delivered 135 vehicles so that the police can continue fighting crime.

Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, the PNC’s director, explained that the cars will be used to strengthen criminal investigation authorities across the country.

In March of this year, the Security Cabinet handed over a fleet of 29 vehicles of various models that were seized from different criminal structures. The authorities mentioned that the vehicles were provided by the National Council for the Administration of Assets (Conab) and were valued at $256,000.

The authorities explained that these vehicles were confiscated from two criminal groups in connection with cases of vehicle theft, fraud, real estate acquisition, scams, and illegal appropriation.