President Nayib Bukele inaugurated Circuit 2 of Surf City with the construction of a 13-kilometer long street in Punta Mango, Usulután.

According to President Nayib Bukele, the construction of more than 13 kilometers of street in the Punta Mango sector of Jucuarán, in the department of Usulutan, will benefit more than 800 families and facilitate access to one of El Salvador’s most important beaches.

The president participated in the officialization of the construction of a 13-kilometer long street that will facilitate road connectivity in the area. Bukele emphasized the tourist potential of this sector of the eastern zone and remarked that this work will contribute to tourism continuing to be one of the most important engines of the Salvadoran economy.

“This is a territory abandoned by all past governments; we have here one of the most impressive beaches in the country. Surfers told me that it is one of the best beaches for surfing. Experts say that it is one of the best beaches for surfing. These streets are made of dirt and motorists had difficulty passing through,” Bukele said.

«As you remember, one of the 10 economic impulses is public works, It is basically what we are going to generate here, with the construction of this street. This is Circuit 2 of Surf City. We are going to build a beautiful road with 13 kilometers of streets; with bike lanes, underground wiring, LED lighting, drainage, “added the president.

This project is part of a series of construction projects that will promote Circuit 2 of Surf City, located in the eastern part of the country. This circuit will help promote tourism in the eastern part of the national territory, which is ideal for surfing. It is also hoped that these initiatives will increase the dynamism of the Salvadoran economy through tourism.

«It is a first-world street and it will reach El Cuco. 13 kilometers, 41 million dollars is the investment of this first-class street. Surf City Phase 2 is a $55 million investment; from here to El Espino beach. There will be restaurants, hotels, and it will generate many direct and indirect jobs,” Bukele explained.

“As everyone knows, Punta Mango is a beautiful beach. This will be work in a protected natural area and will continue to be a protected natural area that will bring development. We are also going to remodel the schools in El Carrizal and Agua Fría. Only with these 13 kilometers of street, which is phase 1, are we going to benefit 11 villages », he added.

Circuit 2 of Surf City will cover the tourist destinations located in the departments of San Miguel, Usulutan, Morazán and La Unión. In this way, the coastal area of ​​El Salvador will be projected as an international tourist offer and will serve to continue with the good results that the country has obtained in recent months in terms of recreational activities.

Local residents stress that this new street will help solve the mobility problem that has existed in this sector and that was ignored by previous presidential administrations. In addition, they stressed that the advantages that this project will bring go beyond the development of tourism, encompassing the solution to a problem that Salvadorans in this sector have denounced for many years.