The construction of the first photovoltaic park of its kind in Latin America moves forward in El Salvador

The Santa Rosa and Villasol photovoltaic plants are the renewable energy generation projects that the German company MPC Energy Solutions is building in the municipality of Quezaltepeque, in La Libertad.

According to the company’s project director, Victor Atehortua, the plant will have 34,000 solar panels with an installed capacity of 21 megawatts (MWh) and an energy production projection of 48 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year, which will serve to supply the demand of more than 160,000 Salvadoran households.

Atehortua added that this photovoltaic park represents an investment of $24 million in the development and construction stages and is part of the range of projects that MPC Energy Solutions has in the country, where another similar plant is already operating in the department of Cabañas.

“We have a growth projection of about 100 megawatts in the next two years within the country,” while he explained that the project being carried out in Quezaltepeque has the highest technology standards.

“The Santa Rosa and Villasol solar panels are bifacial, that is, they capture energy directly from the sun and also by rebounding off the ground, and this increases the plant’s energy production,” he pointed out.

According to Atehortua, this solar park will be the first in Latin America to have this type of technology.

The Strategic Projects Commissioner, Cristian Flores, verified on Thursday the construction work of the plant, which is 68% complete and is expected to start operating by the end of this year. He highlighted the opening of the government to this type of investment.

“President Nayib Bukele entrusted us with opening the opportunity to all foreign investors. They began operations in the country and saw the feasibility with which the state institutions had allowed them to establish themselves », he highlighted.

Likewise, he reiterated that the transformation of the energy matrix is one of the great bets of the current government administration, so the construction of Santa Rosa and Villasol will allow “lower costs and more families to have access to this service.”


The representatives of the German company, which has a presence throughout Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, also announced that they are in the process of consolidating their center of operations in El Salvador.

“We have found a very good environment in the part of investments and business development in El Salvador and we have had very good access to the government part,” said the company’s project director, Victor Atehortua.