Honduras’ and El Salvador’s Congresses sign a cooperation agreement

El Salvador and Honduras signed yesterday, through their respective congresses, a cooperation agreement that will allow the initiation of common actions in technical, training, and educational matters.

The document was signed by the president of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, Ernesto Castro, and the president of the Honduran Congress, Luis Redondo, after a previous meeting in our country with these officials and their respective delegations.

“Our countries share a common history that makes us face similar challenges […]. We are interested in creating mechanisms that benefit our peoples,” Castro said.

Furthermore, he did not rule out similar agreements with the presidents of the Central American congresses. For his part, Redondo spoke about the importance of El Salvador and Honduras standardizing their regulations to deal with crime and its challenges.

“We must also identify the laws on migration, trade, and food and face the challenges as a block,” he said.

The Undersecretary of State for Consular and Immigration Affairs of Honduras, Carlos Antonio García, said that the Salvadoran foreign service is well known for its excellent performance. “We want to learn from your progress,” he said.