El Salvador has an adequate supply and the lowest food price inflation in the region

The interim Minister of Agriculture, Enrique Parada, said this morning that El Salvador has appropriate food supply, which guarantees access to food products for the entire population, in addition to the fact that we are the country with the lowest inflation rate in the entire Central America, always in terms of food costs.

Parada highlighted that the measures implemented by the government of El Salvador have allowed the country to have food and avoid potential shortages and price inflation that directly affect the economy and the food health of families throughout the national territory.

«President Nayib Bukele has acted very efficiently in the face of this crisis, as he has done in previous crises, such as COVID-19. The country has an adequate supply, which guarantees the population’s food consumption. In addition, in Central America, El Salvador has the lowest inflation rate in the entire region », he commented.

«We have carried out inspections in the markets, wholesalers, retailers, importers, to guarantee that there is an adequate supply of food and supplies in the country. In addition, from March to date, the price of quesillo has decreased by about 8% and soft hard cheese by about 16%,» he added.

Parada also highlighted the delivery of agricultural packages as part of the measures implemented to combat shortages and inflation since they guarantee food production within the country, in addition to representing a boost to the economic activities of Salvadoran farmers and producers.

«With these 600,000 Agricultural Packages, we are guaranteeing all human consumption to ensure the food security of the population. Each package now includes a seed treater, which will allow the plant to have a greater capacity to withstand pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions », he pointed out.

«We have delivered more than 500,000 packages. We only need to deliver in La Unión and Morazán. We made an effort to update the list of beneficiaries. This register has not been updated for 15 years. I have visited the west, the paracentral zone, and we can see plantations with very good development. The ears are the right size,’ he added.