Common illnesses on the downside

As detailed by the Minister of Health, acute respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, and pneumonia have registered a decrease in cases. The official explained that the endemic corridors of these diseases are favorable.

“All endemic corridors are in decline. Yesterday we had the update of epidemiological week 29 where there is a clear decrease in diseases such as dengue, gastrointestinal, and pneumonia” said Alabi during the interview on YSKL radio.

He explained that, at this time, respiratory diseases are in the corridor’s safety zone while pneumonia remains in the success zone.

“It means that the incidence of pneumonia is low. We must pay attention here. In this corridor, we do not include pneumonia by COVID-19,” explained the head of the Minsal. The pneumonitis in this corridor is due to general causes and is not related to SARS-CoV2.

Likewise, the official asserted that acute diarrheal diseases are also kept under control; however, he explained that during vacation periods they tend to have a slight increase, which is also consistent with the beginning of winter.

“On the issue of the water-diarrhea disease corridor, we are in a safety zone. Even in the holiday period, there is always a small increase due to departures. Let us also remember that this increase comes from the beginning of the rains, the “mal de mayo” was very common because the rain caused the bacteria to move more fluidly and there could be contamination», he detailed.

In the case of arboviruses such as dengue, zika, and chikungunya, the cases of these diseases also show a reduction.

 The Minsal continues to develop different anti-vector actions on a national scale for the eradication of the mosquito in all its forms. Thermal fumigation, abatement, elimination of breeding sites, and health promotion are some of the actions.