Salvadoran authorities have seized $230,000 in drugs from gangs

For more than 4 months, since the emergency regime was implemented in El Salvador, the authorities have seized $230,000 equivalent of drugs.

Between March and July of this year, authorities seized more than 45,000 portions of drugs from the gangs and more than $1.5 million in cash. Most of the money comes from extortion and drug sales.

The emergency measure that began after an increase in homicides in the country during the weekend has achieved convincing results. During this period, the gangs have been dismantled and weakened.

So far, the authorities have managed to capture more than 48,494 gang members and collaborators. 1,198 firearms and 1,427 vehicles used to commit crimes have been seized from these structures.

Every day, police and soldiers continue to take gang members off the streets and put them behind bars.

Among the latest arrests, that of two MS13 gang members who committed crimes in La Libertad stands out. One of the detainees is Carlos Alberto Zamora Mejía, alias Libélula, who has had a criminal record since 2007 for extortion, possession, and possession of drugs, illegal possession of firearms and illicit groups.

The second detainee was identified as Geovanny Edgardo Herrera Rodríguez, alias Choco. This gang member was arrested in Quezaltepeque.