Agriculture has benefited from the effective work in public security

The reduction of violence and crime in Salvadoran territory has allowed agriculture to have greater dynamism and has turned El Salvador into fertile ground for investments in this area, according to the interim Minister of Agriculture, Enrique Parada, tonight.

“Now it is much easier to invest in the agricultural sector, despite the different challenges that exist due to international prices. We have managed to overcome this barrier that there was in investment and production caused by crime,” Parada commented.

«Before, the owners or people who helped on the farms could not approach the land because the criminals would not let them; today security is guaranteed in order to generate greater dynamism in the agricultural sector”, he added.

Parada also explained that “before, the technical team could not approach the producers due to security issues, but today, with the Territorial Control Plan, our farmers receive the proper technical assistance in different parts of the country.”

In this aspect of the fight against crime, Parada also highlighted the reforms approved by the Legislative Assembly regarding cattle theft, which have made it possible to attack this practice and begin to eradicate it, thus benefiting Salvadoran farmers.

“I want to thank the Assembly, where they approved a modification to the Criminal Code to strengthen the penalties for theft and theft of cattle, and thus have the necessary tools to be able to punish criminals more forcefully,” he commented.

The official also commented that “a campaign has been launched to control the irregular movement of merchandise such as cheese at border points, and we do everything in coordination with the PNC, the Ministry of Security and the Customs Directorate.”

“The irregular entry of dairy products is one of the problems that has the greatest impact, and, therefore, we have taken coordinated action with the institutions that oversee national security in order to guarantee that the merchandise that enters is legal,” he added.