El Salvador increases its energy exports in 2022

The country has made significant progress in terms of energy generation based on renewable resources, thus generating well-being for the Salvadoran economy since it allows stability in the energy rate.

Since the government of President Nayib Bukele began, the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL) has introduced better management practices, so that it has been possible to obtain more favorable results and also reactivate projects for new generation alternatives.

Likewise, the entry of private projects has allowed the generation of green energy to increase by 388%, thus allowing an increase in energy exports.

In this regard, CEL President Daniel lvarez confirmed that the country exported 595,537.2 megawatt hours (MWh) between January and July of this year, which is 390,580.52 MWh more than the previous year’s total of 204,959.68.This has also allowed the country to market more energy.

According to CEL data, in 2022, the months in which the country sold the most were January (128,194.44 MWh); February (108,030.89 MWh); and May (109,570.29 MWh). However, these amounts are expected to continue to rise. The largest buyer of the Salvadoran generation is Guatemala.

CEL statistics indicate that, currently, renewable energies inject 91.85% of the national energy matrix; that is, most of what Salvadorans consume is generated in the country. while only 8.15% is due to imports.

Only geothermal and hydroelectric generation contributed 55.6% of the pie, where only geo generated 97,403.04 MWh (21.1%) and hydro 159,313.49 MWh (34.5%) until July of this year.

Also, one of the greatest contributions to the energy matrix is currently the new natural gas plant of Energía del Pacífico, in Acajutla, Sonsonate.

Álvarez added that previous administrations did not bet on advancing these projects, and as a result, the country did not reach the digits that it now has.

“There was no interest in developing cleaner renewable energy. Today it is no longer like that. We take up these resources that already exist in the country. It is time to come and produce that clean energy », he indicated.

On the other hand, CEL affirmed that the projects they carry out generate a positive social impact around all the plants that are built.