July became the safest month in the history of El Salvador

July became the safest month in the history of El Salvador, as confirmed by the President Nayib Bukele, reporting that there were no homicides in the country yesterday, Sunday.

“If we annualize the month of July, the rate would be 2.19 annual homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. “Compared with 2021, we would be, by far, the safest country in all of Latin America,” Bukele published.

According to the National Civil Police (PNC), on Sunday no one was killed and, with this result, the month of July accumulated 21 days with zero homicides.

“It’s easy to say. During the month of July, there are 21 days without homicides. Step by step, we are building the country we deserve. We continue », the Minister of Justice and Security wrote on his official Twitter account, describing the constant hard work from the security institutions, being easy to talk about the results but an intense effort to accomplish them.

The implementation of the Territorial Control Plan and the exceptional regime established since March 27 have allowed the authorities to remove the gang members who were responsible for the crimes from the streets.

According to the records kept by the security cabinet, July 2022 was the safest month in the country’s history since it exceeded 17 days with zero homicides, with which it closed in May.

The results of the security strategy that the government has been implementing since June 2019 have allowed El Salvador to accumulate 165 days without homicides.

The reduction in homicides is one of the main achievements of the government of President Nayib Bukele, who in 2019 began to implement the Territorial Control Plan as a security strategy to combat gangs, extortion, and other crimes.

The strategy has been executed through different phases in more than three years of government and has produced positive results.

The last stage of the plan began in July 2021, when soldiers and police entered and settled permanently in the territories that had been under the control of the gangs for years.

During the month of July, the country has had a record of up to nine consecutive days without homicides, a result attributed to security plans. In previous governments, up to 30 crimes were recorded daily.