A new group of Salvadorans leaves today for Canada

As part of the Labor Migration Program promoted by the Government of President Nayib Bukele, through the Ministry of Labor and its head, Rolando Castro, announced today the departure of a new contingent of Salvadoran workers bound for Canada.

This new contingent joins other groups of Salvadorans who have already traveled to Canada and the United States to provide their labor services since the program promoted by the State portfolio began.

“This day a new contingent leaves for Canada, and soon we will send another contingent in the poultry and meat cutting area,” announced the Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro.

In addition, the job holder added that in the coming days they will be “sending more contingents to Italy and Spain, with all expenses paid, our compatriots will only spend on food and the rest is totally for them.”

On her part, the deputy of the Central American Parliament, Cecilia Rivera, highlighted the Labor Migration Program promoted by President Bukele’s administration

“The Ministry of Labor is making great efforts so that these opportunities reach Salvadoran families and they can migrate with the international labor guarantees that each person deserves,” said the legislator.

The Labor Migration Program’s main objective is to promote the labor inclusion of Salvadorans through regular, orderly, and safe migration to countries where employment opportunities are identified.

This program was launched in 2019, and at the end of that same year, the first group of 50 Salvadorans left for the United States to work in an agricultural company in Mississippi, United States.

In recent weeks, Minister Castro made a tour of Europe in which he signed important agreements for this program to have links with companies in Spain and Italy, thus expanding job options abroad for Salvadorans.

The government of President Bukele continues to promote that more Salvadorans can travel safely and legally to work in other countries within the framework of the Labor Migration Program.