Senior commanders from Ecuador and Peru congratulate the Salvadoran government on the fight against gangs.

During the development of the “Special Anti-Gang Investigations” course organized by the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), high-ranking officers of the security forces of Ecuador and Peru congratulated the Security Cabinet and the Government of the President, Nayib Bukele for the achievements made in the frontal fight against the gangs.

“Organized crime has no borders and that is why we are here today, to break down these borders and understand and conceptualize, and allow me to congratulate you, Mr. Minister [Gustavo Villatoro], because you see in a government the unity, leadership, and focus that it allows today, to say that El Salvador is taking firm steps towards a better future,” said Colonel of the Ecuadorian General Staff, Jorge Hadathy.

The same line of the Ecuadorian was followed by the Peruvian Police Lieutenant, Paul Tavara, who congratulated the government for strengthening security institutions to deal with organized crime, especially gangs.

“Congratulate the country of El Salvador for having had those guts, that strength to face this criminal organization that we know so well in Peru. I am leaving happy, full of knowledge from gentlemen who are excellent instructors for my police life that is just beginning, I am leaving motivated, “said Tavara.

For the Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro, holding this type of course is an opportunity to share and exchange experiences that will serve as a valuable contribution to the region’s security strategies.

“In the life of a police officer, in the life of a prosecutor, sharing the experiences of other agencies or of other brothers from other countries is always important, and training in different areas is also important, because no one who is not prepared has the ability to face a challenge,” said Villatoro.

He added that, as a government, they are satisfied with what has been achieved in terms of security and of gradually eradicating evils, such as gangs, that affected Salvadorans for decades.

“As you know, in the government of the president, Nayib Bukele, we find ourselves in transcendental moments, where, like many of the countries that face this phenomenon, we have made a firm and courageous decision to tear down those more than 30 years old, specifically 20 of the last in which everyone told us that we were not going to get out of this problem, “emphasized the official.

The course was attended by representatives of police delegations from Belize, Ecuador, Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru.