El Salvador created 60,188 formal jobs between April 2021 and April 2022

The latest report from the Labor Market Information System (Simel) of the Ministry of Labor revealed that jobs grew by 60,188 between April 2021, when 867,183 were reported, and April 2022, which registered 927,371.

This generation of more than 60,000 jobs in one year represents a growth rate of 6.9% and represents the largest concentration of new job opportunities in the country’s history, said Labor Minister Rolando Castro.

«This last year, in the government of President Nayib Bukele, is the largest growth in history with 60,188 new jobs, reaching a total formal employment of 927,371 with a positive rate of 6.9%,» the official wrote on Twitter.

The official also highlighted that the five economic activities that generated the most work for Salvadorans were information and communications, with 11.8% of the total, followed by professional, scientific, and technical activities, with 10.7%.

In addition, the activities of commerce, restaurants, hotels, transportation, storage, accommodation, and food services contributed 10%, services 8.9%, and manufacturing industries contributed 6.2% of the total jobs created.

Regarding the weight of these five sectors in terms of job creation, Minister Castro pointed out that they concentrated on 89% of the formal employment contributions registered during the period reported by Simel.

Likewise, the platform’s metrics reported that not only have jobs seen significant growth in recent months, but also the number of employers has also increased.

The Simel reported that in April 2021 the country registered 35,140 employers, while at the end of the fourth month of this year there were 36,464 employers, which implies an increase difference of 1,324 in twelve months, that is, an increase of 3.8%.

On the other hand, the headline also drew attention to the persistence of the pension gap that, as of April this year, amounts to 111,262 workers whose employers are failing to send the corresponding contribution to the Pension Savings System (SAP). «The gap in pension arrears as of April 2022 continues to be alarming for our working class,» he warned.

With this report, the minister ruled out the publication of a local newspaper that indicated that the country had increased its unemployment levels.