The Office for the Defense of Human Rights confirms that human rights are being respected in prisons during the exception regime

The attorney for the Defense of Human Rights, Apolonio Tobar, indicated that the report is supported by information obtained through interviews with persons deprived of liberty at the “La Esperanza” prison, better known as “Mariona.”

According to the prosecutor’s report, “(the inmates) are receiving food three times a day; they have access to light during the day; the authorities have solved water supply problems when they have arisen; they are regularly attending training and labor processes. According to the program of each one of them, they have recreational spaces; they receive personal hygiene kits that are sent to their relatives, they are transferred to the public health system in case of serious health”,among other attention to their needs.

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In addition, Apolonio Tobar affirmed, through the report presented on the social networks of his institution, that in order to verify compliance with human rights, several people deprived of liberty were interviewed, and it was found that they remain organized into “persons accredited as belonging to gang groups, people identified as collaborating with gang groups, and people not belonging to gang groups,” among others.

He also reiterated that regarding the on-site visit carried out this day, “the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office” does not follow or work on anyone’s agenda; nor will it lend itself to instrumentalizing actions that are aimed at partisan politics.

The visit was accompanied by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Gustavo Villatoro, and authorities from the General Directorate of Penal Centers.

The tour carried out by the attorney general complies with the mandate conferred in article 194 Roman I ordinals 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of the Constitution of the Republic. In addition, the official indicated that he has launched a plan called “National Verification Plan in the Context of the Exception Regime, Product of the Increase in Homicides and Femicides that Occurred in the last week of March 2022.”

On the other hand, the prosecutor established that under said plan, three reports have been sent to members of the international community.

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