The Security Cabinet captured the terrorists accused of murdering three police officers in Santa Ana

From Colonia La Realidad in Santa Ana, members of the Security Cabinet presented three terrorists accused of taking the lives of three police officers on June 28.

The detainees are: Gabriela Esmeralda Solis, Gustavo Gerardo Castro (a minor), Geovanny Chigüila Olmedo, alias “Chimba” and José Héctor Bernal, alias “Negro”, who has been in the hospital since the day of the attack.

The authorities also reported the death of Rodolfo Alfredo Mejía, alias “Robiño,” who died while trying to resist arrest.

The authorities detailed that the three gang members from Barrio 18 were hiding in an inn in the Barrientos neighborhood in Chalchuapa, Santa Ana.

“The terrorists have two ways to finish: either kneeling before justice or, as Rodolfo Mejía died, at the hands of our security forces. Those are the only paths left to them in the government of President Nayib Bukele,” said Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro.

For his part, the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodolfo Delgado, reported that, having verified each procedure, no PNC agent will be prosecuted in court as they are defending the security of the communities and Salvadorans.