“Las pupusas” miniseries is now available on Amazon Prime

“Las Pupusas”, is the first Salvadoran miniseries that managed to enter the Amazon Prime Video catalog. It is already available in the United States and England. Different users have already begun to enjoy the production that enhances Salvadoran gastronomy and culture, and that has already begun to position El Salvador in the minds of different people around the world.

The miniseries “Las Pupusas” has managed to enter Amazon Prime Video thanks to its producer, the Guatemalan Kenneth Müller, winner of the Netflix award in Mexico, because it already has films on the world-renowned streaming platform.

The production has already received positive feedback from users in the United States and England after its debut on June 28 and in less than 24 hours.”They have sent us photographs of people who are already watching the series. They have revealed it to us. I have received congratulatory calls, and they are happy because they tell me that it is time for El Salvador to make itself known for its gastronomy,” explained the director of the miniseries, Salvadoran Héctor Mojica.

When will “Las Pupusas” be available in Latin America?

Director Héctor Mojica explained that the production team is waiting for the response of users in the United States and England to start promoting it in Latin America.

“It is likely that the miniseries will not be available on Amazon Prime Video for Latin America because our idea is to show it on other large streaming platforms worldwide, but we do not rule out the possibility.”

Héctor Mojica, director of the miniseries «Las Pupusas».

The vision of the producers of “Las Pupusas” is not only to spread Salvadoran gastronomy, but to arouse interest in the country and encourage people from all over the world to visit El Salvador.