UNICEF recognizes the importance of the Grow Together Law and congratulates the vision of the Salvadoran government

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) congratulated the vision of President Nayib Bukele and the First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, in promoting the Grow Together Law; likewise, he applauded the commitment of the New Legislative Assembly in approving the law last Wednesday.

The law reflects a shared vision for El Salvador that prioritizes early childhood, childhood, and adolescence to build a country in which each child and adolescent can fully enjoy the fulfillment of their rights and reach their full potential.

“We congratulate children and adolescents, mothers, fathers, civil society and authorities who offered their contributions to achieve the Grow Together Law. Your contributions will continue to be necessary to make the purpose of this new Lawa reality,” UNICEF said on its Twitter account.

For the children of El Salvador, this law is an opportunity to renew the commitment of families, educators, health and protection personnel, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and public and private actors in society, and join forces in fulfilling their rights, the organization said.

“We congratulate the vision of the President of the Republic, the First Lady, and the Legislative Assembly, who joined their capacities so that the Growing Together Law becomes the reference framework for the fulfillment of the rights of children in El Salvador”, they maintained.

UNICEF celebrated the promise to fulfill the girls’ and boys’ rights and reaffirmed their commitment to accompany all actions that lead to their full realization.