50 days without homicides so far in 2022

The security strategy of the current government continues to give results, and that is that yesterday, Thursday, June 23, there were no homicides in El Salvador, detailed the National Civil Police. With this new record, June adds 11 days in which there have been no crimes, and so far in 2022, the figure rises to 50.

The authorities attribute these results to the implementation of the Territorial Control Plan, the current government’s security strategy.

Police records detail that since the first month of this administration, homicides, extortion, and other types of crime have decreased steadily.

The blow against criminal activity has been reflected in the fact that the authorities have achieved 141 days without homicides in El Salvador, a historical figure.

Between January 1 and 23 of this year, the police reported 50 days in which there were no murders nationwide. May tops the list of the safest months so far in 2022 as there were only 17 violent deaths.

In addition, homicidal violence has dropped even more since the exceptional regime began on March 27. During this period, 43 days with 0 murders have been added.