1,400 members of the Armed Forces join in the execution of the Territorial Control Plan

The Minister of National Defense, Francis Merino Monroy, was in charge of swearing in 1,400 new soldiers who will soon join the “war against the gangs” in which the army participates together with the PNC and the prosecutor’s office.

“In compliance with the order of President Nayib Bukele, to double the number of the Armed Forces, this day 1,400 recruits were sworn in and will soon join the Territorial Control Plan to win the war against the gangs,” explained the Minister of Defense, Francis Merino Monroy, through his twitter account, after proceeding this Thursday to swear in the new contingent of soldiers.

The new military personnel have spent 15 weeks undergoing strict training and, according to Minister Monroy, are able to participate in any of the different phases of the Territorial Control Plan, which is the government’s strategy to defend honest Salvadorans from stalking. of the gangs, a war strengthened by the exceptional regime decreed and extended by the Legislative Assembly.

The army has had an outstanding task in capturing gang members, especially in the search and dismantling of camps installed in the mountains where criminals take refuge and hide weapons, money and drugs. So far, the army and the PNC have dismantled more than a hundred gang camps and have detained nearly 42,000 criminals and collaborators who are in the process of facing justice.

President Nayib Bukele, has repeatedly stated that the war against the gangs will continue until all the criminals have been captured. And for this he is providing the army and the police with the necessary technological resources to successfully face this task.