The Police carries out arrests with respect for human rights

The director of the National Civil Police (PNC), Mauricio Arriza Chicas, assured that his institution complies with the mandate given by President Nayib Bukele to respect human rights and that the work that began in June 2019 on this matter has been completed. reflected since the implementation of the exception regime.

“Despite the voices of international organizations and even in El Salvador, the police action is clear, we have action protocols that are written, signed, and are there so that they can be exploited, and the individualization of each member of the criminal structure. It has been documented; it is attached to the law, to the law, and well, they are made available to justice; they are not made available to any other person, nothing more than the Salvadoran criminal justice system”, the PNC director stated.

Arriaza Chicas explained that the actions of the police are based on the Constitution of the Republic and that the emergency regime is protected by article 29 of the Constitution. It is also a measure approved by the Assembly. He adds that with the methodology of the exception regime, they also have laws to comply with and all the actions of the members of the corporation are based on the law, “there is no invention of any member of the police institution or the Armed Forces and we know that we have to do it with due respect for human rights.”

The official stated that with the arrival of the Bukele administration, they focused on having the police prepared, trained and trained, especially in respect for human rights and the doctrine of the use of force.

“If a policeman prepares for that, the result that you are going to have is a better administration of the use of force, a rational use of the weapons to be used at the time of an intervention. The National Civil Police has constantly been professionalizing in continuous training, in courses of police interventions or police actions for the special forces of the Police, “said the police chief.

Arriaza Chicas emphasized her institution’s methodologies in occupational health, physical conditioning, and other support areas, which have come to help the policeman avoid some arbitrariness that could have been committed previously, which were due to a lack of training in how to address and resolve an illegitimate intervention or aggression that terrorist structures carry out against agents.

“The truth is that hard work is being done, a job in which we feel very happy and very confident, and today we can tell the population that any special forces team that intervenes with criminal groups, we already know how far our limits are,” emphasized the official.

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