El Salvador Hospital commemorates its second anniversary and the recovery of more than 10,600 patients

During the event to celebrate the second anniversary of Hospital El Salvador since its inauguration in 2020, the director of the hospital, Laura Miranda, welcomed the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi; the Deputy Minister of Health Management and Development, Carlos Alvarenga, and all the invited health personnel.

“We are a hospital that was born in an emergency and that was equipped with the capacity of 1,000 ICU beds, with state-of-the-art technological equipment, and with a medical and paramedical staff willing to face the unknown,” Miranda emphasized.

The head of health stressed that the hospital has been saving lives for two years, but emphasized that these actions would not have been possible without the contribution of all the health personnel involved.

“That is an achievement that has been achieved by each of the people who are here. Each of you has put in your grain of sand, your work, vigilance, tiredness. We see how, despite all the difficulties, not only was the mission accomplished, but now El Salvador Hospital gives us the joy of having saved the lives of more than 10,600 patients.

Alabi also highlighted the key projects that the hospital has, since it has a molecular biology laboratory and a blood bank, which are at the service of the population. In addition, he emphasized that a number of ICU beds had been reached, which had never been achieved in the country.

“All this management is not so easy, and less so in a pandemic and with the deficiencies that the system has accumulated.That is something you should be proud of,” he said.

This specialized center has remained a flagship hospital, which is made up of an emergency area, where patients are received and subsequently transferred for evaluation. In this way, it will be determined if the patient deserves to be transferred to the Intensive or Intermediate Care Unit or if hospitalization is required.

Currently, cases and fatalities from the coronavirus have continued to trend downward. During this month, the health authorities recorded 14 days without fatalities due to COVID-19.

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