President Bukele announces the construction of the Terrorism Confinement Center

The president of the republic, Nayib Bukele, reported on the construction of the Terrorism Confinement Center, a penitentiary center designed to detain the thousands of gang members who have been detained under the emergency regime.

The new mega-prison is being built by hundreds of workers in the Tecoluca area of San Vicente.

“Just as at the beginning of the pandemic, we built the largest hospital in Latin America to care for COVID-19 patients in record time, now we must build a prison to intern the tens of thousands of terrorists who stalked our country,” the president reported. through his Twitter account.

So far, the authorities have captured 41,726 gang members through the exception regime. So far in this government, the homicide rate has gone from more than 70 homicides to 15 per 100,000 inhabitants, and more than 135 days have been achieved without homicides.

President Bukele also explained that it was decided to build it away from the cities “surrounded by hundreds of blocks of land owned by the state, with hundreds of thousands of meters of construction, several levels of walls and 37 watchtowers, which will make an exhaust”.

“There is still a long way to go… However, we have managed to bring peace, tranquility and freedom of movement to our people and bring the homicide rate in our country, in these 3 months, to the lowest in Latin America (not counting the gang members killed in attacks against our security forces),” the president added.

The penal center authorities have managed to remove the control that the gangs had in the prisons for at least the last four governments, which allowed them to continue committing crimes from those penitentiary centers.

Similarly, the Legislative Assembly will approve this Tuesday an extension of the emergency regime with the aim of continuing to fight gangs.