The “Crecer juntos” (growing together) law receives favorable opinion for its creation

After long and arduous days of work, the Family Commission managed to issue a favorable opinion to create the Grow Together Law, an initiative of the First Lady of the Republic, Gabriela de Bukele, for the Comprehensive Protection of Early Childhood, Childhood, and Adolescence.

After completing the consultation phase with institutions relevant to the issue in order to form a preliminary draft of the regulations, which includes around 308 articles, the deputies of the commission carried out the study and analysis of them.

 “We started the substantive modifications of the draft of the Growing Together Law, taking into account the opinions and recommendations of public and private institutions, NGOs, and cooperation agencies,” said deputy Suecy Callejas, who chairs the commission.

According to the legislator, the commitment of the said work table is to deliver a normative body that comprehensively protects children and adolescents.

“We have also incorporated some recommendations from the technical team, based on the study of the articles,” added the legislator.

Because the Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents (LEPINA) has been deficient and no longer responds to our reality, the First Lady of the Republic, Gabriela de Bukele, issued the content that was studied: the Grow Together Law.

“For the study of the new Growing Together Law, we have taken into account the Convention on the Rights of the Child and reports from the United Nations Agencies to overcome the deficiency that existed in the LEPINA,” said legislator Callejas.

The creation of this proposed regulation has been worked on for more than a year by the Office of the First Lady, under observations issued by national and international institutions.

The Growing Together Law will provide protection and comprehensive care to children and adolescents. In addition, it will guarantee their rights to a decent life, health, breastfeeding, and identity and will create conditions for their development and security.

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