The four initial phases of the Territorial Control Plan have been effective

On June 19, 2019, the current government launched its flagship security strategy, called the Territorial Control Plan (PCT). After three years since the beginning of its implementation, positive results have been obtained, among them, the disarticulation of criminal structures, the recovery of territories dominated by gangs, dignification of security forces and development opportunities for the population.

One of the most significant actions is that the reinforcement of police and soldiers in the streets has allowed the Salvadoran government to stop criminal activity, which has brought with it a decline in homicides, extortions, and other crimes. In addition, local development conditions have been created in communities through social programs such as the construction of urban well-being and opportunity (cube) centers at a national level.

Similarly, in the last three years, the National Civil Police and the Armed Forces have been provided with equipment, technology, and weapons to continue fighting criminal structures, and police officers and soldiers have obtained better salary conditions.

The territorial control plan covers seven phases, of which four have been executed to date. The amount budgeted for the implementation of the Security Plan amounts to $575.2 million.