Government to invest $40 million in an overpass at the Integración roundabout

A large-scale project will be built in the Integration Roundabout. It is about the overpass that will have an investment of almost $40 million. The project will improve the vehicular flow of the families of Apopa, Nejapa, Aguilares, and surrounding zones.

The project of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) consists of improving the intersection of the SAL37N-SAL38W highways, with the aim of reducing the congestion that originates and improving circulation in the sector.

One of the intersections of the overpass will be in the direction of San Salvador to Quezaltepeque, on the second level, and will have the curved passage of two bridges. The second will be on the third level with directions from Apopa to San Salvador.

This project is currently under bid evaluation. According to the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez, national and international companies have participated. “Right now there are three offers that have been submitted by different companies; two are Salvadoran and one is Mexican, and they are participating in the evaluation process. We hope that the evaluation committee will determine who will be the winning company in accordance with technical and financial requirements. We hope to determine the winning company this month,” reported the head of Public Works.

After this phase, the construction process will begin in the area. For both bridges, the superstructure consists of prestressed concrete beams, an abutment substructure, and reinforced concrete piers. In addition, it is planned to build a recreation space in the arena.

This project is part of the seven overpasses that the MOP will build in the Metropolitan Area of ​​San Salvador. The first, in the Utila roundabout, is more than 60% complete, and vehicular traffic will be enabled in August. In addition, the overpass that will be built at the Hermano Lejano Welcome Home monument is already in the process of reviewing the engineering design, so its design will soon be approved to start the bidding process.

In addition, construction has already begun on the San Juan Opico overpass, and initial work is being carried out on the Sacacoyo overpass.