The Ministry of Public Works launched the Cycle Path Master Plan for the Metropolitan Area of ​​San Salvador

More than 600 cyclists will benefit from the Cycle Path Master Plan for the Metropolitan Area of ​​San Salvador, which was launched this morning by the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez; and the director of Fovial, Alexander Beltrán.

The plan includes the execution of 166.27 kilometers that will connect the AMSS. According to the authorities, the first phase comprises three circuits, which are Escalón, Merliot, and San Benito, with a total of 12.6 kilometers, and its execution begins this year with an investment of $2 million.

The second phase includes three more circuits, which are Ciudad Universitaria, Centro de Gobierno, and San Jacinto, completing 15.4 kilometers. Its construction will begin in 2023 with an investment of $2.62 million.

In total, the government invests more than 10 million in the construction of bicycle paths. As reported by the Minister of Public Works, these actions strengthen road safety on the highways since they include signage and adaptation of spaces for cyclists to move safely. «Between these two, we will do 7.6 kilometers, and additional activities will be carried out to connect all the points of the AMSS to provide another connectivity alternative. We also invest in the west and the east. We will soon start with more projects. We have been working with the mayors, “explained the Minister of Public Works.

Similarly, this Monday they laid the first stone for the construction of the Escalón bike path, which will be built in two sections: the first between 87 and 89 north and south avenues, and Padres Aguilar and El Mirador streets. This section is 5.2 kilometers long.

The second part will be built between 75 North Avenue and 9th West Street, with a length of 2.4 kilometers.

The authorities assured us that they are working on the construction of the network with more safe spaces for the population. «We give continuity to the construction of the first phase, which will be contemplated. This cycle route (Escalón) will have vertical signs for non-motorized mobility, such as bicycles and skates, both for recreation and to move, “said Alexander Beltrán, director of Fovial.

In the government of President Nayib Buenos alone, more than 25 kilometers of bike lanes have been built.