The Minister of Labor will seek to open spaces for the Labor Migration Program in Italy

The head of the Ministry of Labor, Rolando Castro, has embarked on a trip to Italy to try to open spaces for the Labor Migration Program in the European nation, which would benefit Salvadoran families.

The official pointed out that the objective of the trip is to achieve space so that contingents of Salvadorans can work in a legal, dignified, and orderly manner in Italian territory, bringing benefit to their families in El Salvador.

«We are heading to Italy. We want to open the Labor Migration Program so our workers can go to work in a legal and orderly way in that country, then return to El Salvador with their families. Our people deserve something worthwhile, and for that we are working», published Castro on Twitter this morning.

On June 11, Castro announced the departure of a new contingent of Salvadorans bound for Canada, as part of the institution’s migration program.

According to the head of labor, the new group will remain in Canada for two years with temporary employment contracts. In addition, he reiterated that “we continue to build worthwhile options through legal work because our people deserve it.

The Labor Migration Program’s main objective is to promote the labor inclusion of Salvadorans through regular, orderly, and safe migration to countries where employment opportunities are identified.