El Salvador has the cheapest gasoline prices in Central America without being an oil-producing country

The cheapest gasoline in Central America is in El Salvador, thanks to the effective economic measures of the government to face the world crisis due to inflation. This was highlighted by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, on Monday night when he shared his assessment on the acquisition of fuel in the region.

“Without being an oil-producing country, El Salvador has the cheapest gasoline in Central America,” the president wrote on his official social media accounts.

In turn, he shared statistics from the Ministry of Economy, where El Salvador is the country with the most affordable prices, at $4.15 per gallon of regular gasoline.

Meanwhile, Guatemala and Nicaragua charge $5.01 and $5.05 per gallon, respectively. Panama follows with $5.06 and Honduras with $5.05 per gallon of regular gasoline.

Finally, Costa Rica ranks as the country with the most expensive gasoline in the Central American region, with a value of $5.62 per gallon.

These results correspond to the 11 economic measures launched by the government through its Economic Cabinet, to protect the pockets of Salvadorans as well as the economies of drivers and users of public passenger transport.

The goverment will absorb the expenses derived from the subsidies with an investment of $400 million so as not to affect the value of fuels and thus avoid excessive increases in their purchase at gas stations.