A bidding process begins to start up a smart traffic light system

The government of President Nayib Bukele, through the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), announced on Monday that they have started the bidding process to launch a system of intelligent traffic lights and photofines.

According to the MOP authorities, bids from companies interested in supervising the design, supply, and installation of the project have been received and opened.

“Today, we received offers for the project: smart traffic lights and a photofine system,” said the MOP minister, Romeo Rodríguez.

The following participated in this process: Consorcio Oriux (Semex – Velsis), a union of companies from Mexico and Brazil.

What has been tendered is the first component of the centralized and integrated mobility management system in El Salvador.

The MOP intends to renew 100% of the existing traffic light network in the Metropolitan Area of ​​San Salvador (AMSS) for an intelligent traffic light park. With this new system, it is projected to achieve reductions of up to 20% in circulation times.

This type of traffic light to be installed has the ability to adapt the time of circulation depending on the number of vehicles that pass at a given intersection at a given time.